Our Approach

At Thorpe Tuition, we use a 5-step approach to meet the needs and requirements of each child.


Step 1: Assessment - To get things started we will do a quick assessment, comprising a range of verbal, non-verbal, maths and English questions in a relaxed and non-test environment. This assessment takes about 60 minutes and is designed to establish your child’s strengths and weaknesses.


Step 2: Design - Following the assessment we will design a series of lessons tailored to your child’s requirements. We will provide you with a learning programme overview and set goals for the course.


Step 3: Booking - Once the programme is designed and approved, we will get you booked in, agreeing on a tutorial day and time.


Step 4: Lessons - The lessons can now commence. All sessions are practical and fun, using a range of resources, games, interactive computer activities and worksheets.


Step 5: Measurement - Progress is closely monitored throughout the series of lessons and goals are achieved.


Coloured overlays and other practical resources will be provided for children with dyslexia or other special needs where appropriate.