Some nice reviews from the children...


"Sarah is easy to speak to and is supportive throughout my sessions. The work we do is specific and beneficial and I now feel confident going into my exams."

Nat, age 16


"I enjoy the lessons; Sarah helps me and explains things in a fun way. I feel I have become more confident and I am getting better at my maths."

Seamus, age 8


"I love my lessons with Sarah, they are always different and fun. She is helping me with  my English and maths and I feel more confident when she helps me."

Freya, age 9


"I really like Sarah, she works with me on my Maths and English, she makes sure that we don’t move on until she knows that I understand all of the work. She explains things really well and I like that we play a learning game at the end of the lesson. She is really nice!"

Luca, age 14


"I started with Sarah three months ago, as I have been struggling with my maths. Sarah has helped me so much and have now improved by two grades and I now feel ready for my GCSE exam. She is really friendly and approachable and I have enjoyed my time with her."

Leah, age 16


"I enjoy having lessons each week with Sarah, the lessons are always fun, we play maths games and we always do work that matches with my work at school. This then helps me in my lessons at school."

Izzy, age 9


"Sarah helps me with my reading, as i struggle with reading. I use a coloured overlay that Sarah brings and this helps, so I now have one in school and at home. Sarah is friendly and I enjoy my lessons."

Nathan, age 9


Some nice reviews from the parents...

I found Sarah’s details on Facebook. My daughter was due to take her SATS in approximately 3 months. Whilst I did not believe my daughter to be significantly behind with her school grades, she is a very anxious child and I felt Sarah may be able to teach her techniques to cope and answer questions in a productive way. We had a first session and after discussing with my daughter we both felt it had been productive, she immediately took to Sarah’s teaching methods. She proved flexible and invaluable to my daughter over the coming weeks and she looked forward to her Wednesday evenings. Sarah always spent the last 5 minutes with a maths game that finished the lesson on a great note. Sarah gave my daughter the confidence to tackle her SATS head on, she remembered everything Sarah had taught her in the actual tests. I would highly recommend Sarah, she is very friendly, honest and productive and listens to both the parent and the child to ensure she manages your expectations.

Elaine (Mum)


I decided to get a tutor for my 6 year old son when I could see him struggling at school. It may seem young, but when your child is unhappy, you do what you can.

I noticed an advertisement for Thorpe Tuition on Facebook and decided to give it a go.

Sarah was very flexible and could fit James in without disturbing our work and home life. She was very friendly and my son took to her straight away. She has advised what she wants to work on and has a plan to move him forward.

Having an older child that did not need any help, I really did not envisage I would get a tutor for my youngest especially his age, but I am pleased that I did. Sarah works really well with him and my son is more positive about work in and out of school.

Victoria R (Mum)


We called Sarah after our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and had been struggling at school for some time.  From the moment Sarah started tutoring her there was a whole shift in her confidence, her enthusiasm to learn and in her ability to appreciate and start to understand her dyslexia.

Our daughter is so excited every Thursday for Sarah to come. It means she has a whole hour of one to one teaching which is just what she needs; so she has more time, can question as much as she needs, to allow her the opportunity to really understand what she is learning.

Without doubt our favourite part of having Sarah teach our daughter is the sounds of laughter from the room - to hear our daughter having fun while she learns is just lovely.

She has in a short few weeks gone from a child who doubts her abilities to one who knows that anything is possible, even if she may just need to do it slightly different to others!

Best thing we ever did and definitely regret not calling Sarah sooner!

Emma S (Mum)


We decided to get my 9 year old daughter a tutor to help her with her Maths and English. Izzy looks forward to these lessons as they are fun and practical and she uses a variety of resources to keep her engaged.

The lessons are differentiated to Izzy’s age and ability, following the school’s curriculum. She continues to exceed at school and her confidence and enthusiasm has increased so much since we started with Thorpe Tuition.

Sarah always gives feedback at the end of each lesson, so that we know what Izzy is doing in each lesson.

Catherine B (Mum)


Sarah has been amazing with my son. I have always supported him throughout school, but I found that as he was moving closer to his GCSE's, I didn't have the knowledge to help him further.  Since working with Sarah I have felt assured that my son is receiving the support that he needs to give him the best chance to pass his GCSE. Sarah is very approachable and always asks him which areas he may feel he needs the extra help with, so that she can plan his sessions ahead.

Adele N (Mum)


I contacted Sarah after my son, age 9, had just been diagnosed with dyslexia, so I was looking for someone who could work with him an hour a week to give him the extra support that he needs.

As Sarah has experience of working with dyslexic children, she knows what does and does not work for my son. She ensures each session is relevant to the work he is doing in school and more importantly, she ensures Nathan enjoys the work he is doing.

Alison M (Mum)


We started taking our 8-year-old daughter Freya to Sarah several months ago as she has been struggling at school and needed additional help. Whilst it is early days, we are delighted with the improvement Freya has shown in Maths and English. Sarah has also been extremely helpful in advising us what we need to do to help Freya and what we should be expecting from school.

Sarah has a great manner with Freya and as a result she looks forward to going each week. I would highly recommend Sarah to any future parents who need additional help for their children.

Chris H (Mum)


I chose Sarah in the first instance as a tutor for my son, as she was local to where we lived. My son has always struggled with Maths in particular and I wanted to give him additional support on a 1-2-1 basis. Sarah has lots of patience and gives praise when required to increase his confidence.

The lessons are going well and I know that Sarah is truly invested in helping my son to be the best that he can be. This has been demonstrated by the additional information she had requested from his school to help her shape his learning. Most important is that my son likes Sarah and I believe that really does make a difference.

Joanne F (Mum)


After pushing for extra support at school for my daughter and not really getting anywhere, we decided to look for a tutor. Sarah impressed me with her enthusiasm towards helping students with barriers to learning, so we decided to give her a try.

Immediately after the first session, I could see my daughter had gained some confidence.

After screening my daughter for dyslexia, Sarah gave us a copy of the support my daughter needed in school. Finally school were listening.

My regret is that we did not meet Sarah sooner and have her tutor my daughter in more subjects.

Jacquie W (Mum)